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Bakery Supplies

You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, and you can’t run a successful bakery business without a reliable supply of flour, eggs, milk and other bakery supplies.

Raw materials are an essential part of many businesses, and none more so than bakeries which rely on supplying their customers with a daily supply of fresh and tasty goodies.

Essential Bakery Supplies

So what bakery supplies are essential to keep your business profitable and your products selling like “hot cakes”?

* Flour
* Sugar
* Flavorings
* Eggs
* Butter
* Decorations
* Yeast
* Dried fruit
* Chocolate/Toppings/Syrups
* Cream

and the list goes on, it’s making me feel quite hungry actually. Anyway, if you are running a bakery you will need to know that you have a supplier who can provide you with all of these items regularly, possibly daily but definitely bi-weekly. You certainly can’t run a successful bakery without these essential ingredients. A written understanding with your wholesaler/wholesalers is essential so that you can be sure of an uninterrupted supply.

Other Bakery Supplies

But don’t forget about the other things which you need to have in order to make your bakery business a success. Paper and packaging products (muffin cases!!), baking trays and dishes, mixing machines, ovens, coolers, transport. It’s essential that you always have a good supply of cleaning products, your business won’t stick around for long if you don’t follow strict hygiene regulations. You need to ensure that your ovens are cleaned and serviced regularly, in fact, there might be a lot more to this bakery business than meets the eye, but once you find a reliable supplier then you really are half way there.

Specialized Bakery Supplies

Many bakeries find it profitable (and satisfying) to branch out into specialized areas of expertise. Celebration cakes are one such area which many businesses find add that little bit extra to their repertoire. People will always find a reason to celebrate, and everyone has a birthday every year (although we don’t all get birthday cakes!), but the supply of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, Christmas cakes etc does need specialist skill, equipment and decoration. Finding a supplier of novelty decorations can add a real string to your business bow.

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